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UHPC Technical Specification

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The compressive strength of Ultra-High-Performance Concrete is its main technical index, and the minimum compressive strength index of UHPC stipulated by national standards is not the same. Earlier standards were set higher, such as the guidelines of France (AFGC) in 2001 and 2013, the guidelines of Japan (JSCE) in 2004, which were all set at 150MPa, and the guideline of South Korea in 2012 was as high as 180MP. Then the extremely high compressive strength is difficult to play a full role in engineering. In order to promote the application, the requirements have decreased in recent years. For example, the French NFP-18-470 is set at 130MPa, and the Swiss SIA2052 and the American ASTMC1856/1856M-17 are set at 120MPa. At present, 120MPa and 130MPa have higher recognition degrees. The compressive strength of UHPC technical indicators independently developed and produced by (Guangzhou Style Arts Co., Ltd.), a domestic professional UHPC manufacturer, is 130MPa or above, and has excellent durability and certain tensile capacity. It is the preferred manufacturer of UHPC materials.

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