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UHPC Material Performance

2022-04-28 Page view : 38 views

UHPC ultra-high-performance concrete (UHPC material characteristics): The UHPC material produced by Guangzhou Style Arts Co., Ltd. has the characteristics of lightweight, high strength, durability, and permanent façade quality. It has the following characteristics:

High strength, fire resistance, explosion resistance, hail resistance, chemical corrosion resistance;

Lightweight structure: without additional support such as steel bars, can achieve ultra-thin interface, ultra-long span, lightweight and elegant;

High durability: Under freeze-thaw cycles, marine environment, sulfoaluminate erosion, weak acid erosion, and carbonization, it can withstand the penetration of various harmful substances into the substrate, and at the same time has self-healing ability, and the waterproof effect is very good.

Aesthetics: Able to realize the dream of many designers, to achieve the elegant shape of the building and rich color texture and effect.

Ductility: The combination of cement-based materials with metal fibers and organic fibers achieves an organic balance of compressive and flexural strengths.

Sustainability: Unique construction addresses environmental concerns and reduces life cycle costs.

The UHPC material provided by Guangzhou Style Arts Co., Ltd. can reduce the construction cost, mold cost, labor cost, maintenance cost, etc., and improve the safety of the construction site, the construction speed, and the construction life cycle.

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