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UHPC is an excellent choice for building facade materials

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Ultra high performance physical strength
The biggest feature of UHPC as a facade wall material is its ultra-high strength and ultra-high performance. Using the theory of maximum bulk density, the densest accumulation is formed in the best proportion through the particles of different particle sizes of the material, and ultra-fine powder and fibers (steel fibers, stainless steel, organic fibers, etc.) are used to form fiber-reinforced cement-based products. “Ultra-high performance” is characterized by “ultra-high strength”, “high toughness”, “low permeability” and “high volume stability” at the same time.

High Plasticity
Due to the super physical properties of UHPC, it can be used to manufacture special-shaped panels with various curvatures and large panels with a hollow rate of more than 50%. At the same time, due to its high fluidity, it can be cast into extremely complex and varied shapes. All kinds of special shapes from flat to hollow to curved surface can be produced, so they are favored by designers.

Anti-fouling and self-cleaning
The stain resistance of UHPC products is mainly based on two reasons. One is the compactness of its own compactness, and the ultra-low porosity can make UHPC products resistant to stains and chemical corrosion. The second is to use a protective agent for UHPC to achieve waterproof and anti-fouling protection on the surface and strengthen the anti-stain ability.

The high density and good working performance of UHPC make the contact surface of UHPC have a high degree of fit. Using this feature, the fine texture and geometric pattern of the surface of the mold can be accurately reproduced, so UHPC is an excellent choice for decoration materials of buildings facade. Moreover, due to the compact structure of UHPC, the coloring powder and other components in the components are not easy to precipitate outward, and the color aesthetics of the external wall components can be maintained for a long time,make the architecture facade long-lasting and colorfast.

Excellent durability and weather resistance
The microstructure of UHPC products is hermetic, which makes it excellent in wear resistance, corrosion resistance and chemical resistance, and is a durable material with ultra-high performance. UHPC products can be used without damage under severe aggressive environmental conditions, such as sulfates, acidic solutions and seawater, and have self-healing properties.

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