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UHPC Facades Cladding Fabrication

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UHPC Ultra-High-Performance Concrete (UHPC Facade Prefabricated Production): UHPC, also known as Reactive Powder Concrete, is an ultra-high strength, ultra-tough, ultra-durable (Ultra-High-Performance Concrete). It is the most innovative cement-based engineering material of the past three decades. UHPC is widely used in building facades, interior decoration, furniture products, public landscape, and other fields. The shape has strong plasticity and can be mixed with mineral toner by calculating the proportion to show rich whole body color. Due to its ultra-high performance, it can achieve ultra-high hollow rate modeling, hyperbolic, wavy, and irregular modeling, and achieve a great leap in the performance of engineering materials! Guangzhou Style Arts Co., Ltd. is a domestic large-scale UHPC curtain wall prefabricated manufacturing, installation, and all-around construction engineering service company, participating in the construction of hundreds of classic art projects at home and abroad. The mature UHPC manufacturing technology leads the industry in the development and application of intelligent manufacturing and materials.

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