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UHPC Facade panel manufacturer

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Guangzhou Style Arts Co., Ltd. has 17 years of experience in large-scale classic construction projects at home and abroad. Specializing in UHPC facade panel fabrication, research and development, technical analysis and installation.

UHPC is an ultra-high-strength, ultra-tough, ultra-durable ultra-high-performance concrete engineering material, and the most innovative cement-based engineering material in the past three decades. Due to its superior performance and aesthetic performance, it is more and more favored by architectural designers, and its application in building curtain walls is currently very popular.If you need our products, please contact UHPC facade panel manufacturer .

UHPC do not use coarse aggregates, but use ultra-fine powders and fibers (steel fibers, stainless steel, re-checked organic fibers, etc.) to form fiber-reinforced products. Its compressive strength can reach 160-180 Mpa, tensile strength can reach 10 Mpa, and bending strength can reach 25 Mpa. UHPC has strong plasticity and can achieve almost any design effect. Classical baroque, modern simplicity, ultra-high hollow rate modeling, hyperbolic, wavy, irregular modeling, etc., can be perfectly presented. At the same time, the mineral powder can be mixed in the calculated proportion to show rich overall color.

UHPC facade panels have strong chemical stability and corrosion resistance, can be exposed to various erosive environments, show high resistance to acidic media, and have a smooth surface with high density, waterproof, anti-fouling, and anti-fouling capabilities.

Style Arts leads the industry technology, innovatively develops the digital production process of UHPC prefabricated panels, and is proficient in the use of BIM system information management to ensure smooth production and installation of facade components and accurate modeling, which can minimize the size error of UHPC prefabricated parts and ensure the artistic shape of the building curtain wall is beautiful and smooth!The use of UHPC facade decorative panel makes the building more beautiful!

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