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UHPC Façade Manufacturer

2022-05-13 Page view : 23 views

Guangzhou Style Arts Co., Ltd. specializes in 17 years of experience in large-scale classic construction projects at home and abroad. Professional UHPC facade panel production, research and development, technical analysis, and installation.

UHPC is an ultra-high-strength, ultra-tough, ultra-durable ultra-high-performance concrete engineering material. It is the most innovative cement-based engineering material in the past three decades. It is currently very popular in building facades.

UHP facade panels do not use coarse aggregates but use ultra-fine powders and fibers (steel fibers, stainless steel, composite organic fibers, etc.) to form fiber-reinforced products. Its compressive strength can reach 160-180 Mpa, tensile strength can reach 10 Mpa, and bending strength can reach 25 Mpa. UHPC has strong plasticity and can achieve the effect of the design. Classical baroque, modern simplicity, ultra-high hollow rate modeling, hyperbolic, wavy, irregular modeling, etc., can be perfectly presented. At the same time, the mineral toner can be mixed in the calculated proportion to show rich overall color.

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