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GRC, also known as GFRC, is a composite material made of Portland cement, fine sand, water, acrylic Co-polymer, alkali-resistant glass fibers and additives. GFRC is a lightweight, durable material that can be cast into virtually any shape, color and texture. There are two main processes in the manufacture of GFRC: Simultaneous Spraying and Premix. Based on its extremely high flexibility in design and function, it is widely used, generally produced through the premix process, and its application is mainly in architectural decoration, including building facades, columns cladding, cornices, window covers and door edging, etc.

GRC components are generally produced by spraying on molds, so through the production of molds, components of any shape, color and texture can be produced.
Therefore, in addition to factors such as the difficulty of structural installation of the building itself, the price of GRC is largely affected by the number of molds to be customized, that is, the common mode rate. The higher the common mode rate, the lower the cost of GRC production.On the other hand, the artistic modeling requirements of GRC components are also an important factor affecting the price. The artistic components of characteristic buildings need to be re-molded for artistic sculpture according to the architect’s creative concept and style requirements, which have high requirements for the manufacturer’s artistic talents and skills. In the modern curved architectural style, special attention should be paid to the smooth curve of the building as a whole, and the radian and dimensional accuracy of the mold are required to be higher.

Guangzhou Style Arts Co., Ltd. specializes in GRC and UHPC architectural art engineering for 17 years. It is an architectural art engineering construction enterprise with a comprehensive supply chain and leading technology in China. In the fields of characteristic buildings, urban complexes, theme parks, theme hotels and other engineering fields, we provide professional art supporting products, best implementation plans, and a full range of construction engineering services to domestic and global customers.

Since its establishment in 2005, Style Arts has continued to adhere to the perfect combination of art and technology, and down-to-earth research and development and innovation of materials and technology, so it has a complete manufacturing system. At the same time, it has advanced 3D printing and CNC numerical control engraving system, the combination of art and technology, realizes the digital production of building components quickly, accurately and efficiently.
The design and art team of Style Arts is the core strength of the company. In the past 17 years, the company has participated in the construction of hundreds of classic art engineering models at home and abroad with innovative design, exquisite craftsmanship, good art control ability and professionalism.

Style Arts is unique in the expression of artistic modeling. At the same time, it cooperates with Tsinghua University and other domestic famous universities to develop new materials, new processes and new technologies for art engineering, explore the development trend and specifications of architectural art, and create infinite possibilities for future architecture.If you need GRC material, please contact GRC manufacturer.

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