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Advantages and technical performance of UHPC

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UHPC is an ultra-high-strength, ultra-tough, ultra-durable ultra-high-performance concrete engineering material (UHPC Facade wall panel).
UHPC is an ultra-high-performance material developed by using the maximum bulk density theory to form the densest stacking in the optimal ratio through particles of different particle sizes. UHPC does not use coarse aggregates, but uses ultra-fine powders and fibers (steel fibers, stainless steel, re-checked organic fibers, etc.) to form fiber-reinforced products. It is widely used in building curtain wall, interior decoration, furniture products and public landscape, especially in building facade, the excellent performance of UHPC is more prominent, and it is widely loved by designers.
The advantages of UHPC as a building curtain wall material are particularly obvious (the advantages of UHPC). The biggest feature is ultra-high strength and ultra-high performance. “Ultra-high performance” is characterized by “ultra-high strength”, “high toughness” and “low permeability”. and “high volume stability”. Under natural curing: the compressive strength of UHPC can reach 160-180 Mpa, the tensile strength can reach 10 Mpa, and the flexural strength can reach 25 Mpa (UHPC technical index); Under the circumstance of realizing large-span whole product, at the same time, the super-strength feature can make UHPC the supporting structure of the building, reduce the supporting steel structure, and have greater advantages in the thickness and aesthetics of the decorative curtain wall.

2: Beautiful color, UHPC can be mixed with mineral powder by calculating the proportion to show rich overall color.

3:UHPC facade panels have strong chemical stability and corrosion resistance, can be exposed to various erosive environments, show high resistance to acidic media, and have a smooth surface with high density, waterproof, anti-fouling, and anti-fouling capabilities.

4: The shape has strong plasticity. Due to the super performance of UHPC, it can realize various irregular shapes of super-high building vacancy rate, and realize single-piece products of super large and super-span curved surfaces. It can ensure the fluency and aesthetics of the building facade wall surface modeling to the greatest extent, which is an outstanding advantage that ordinary GRC and other facade materials cannot match. Compared with aluminum alloy stainless steel metal materials, UHPC can achieve more free shapes and stronger plasticity. Compared with FRP resin materials, the main advantage is fire resistance, the resin is the highest fire B2 class, while UHPC is A class, and has an advantage in relative cost. Compared with GRC cement products, UHPC has great advantages in self-cleaning physical properties, and has advantages in cracking control, finished product quality assurance, and long-term use.

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